Wedding Videographer Checklist

With so much happening on your wedding day it becomes hard to remember everything that happened. Your wedding video will be a wonderful reminder of all the memories you made that day with Family and Friends. Its said that 90% of brides who didn’t hire a videographer regret it later. So with that in mind, remember that if there is one day to hire a professional videographer its on your wedding day.

You will only enjoy the video later if it is done right, so do your research and make sure the professional is credible. There are a few tips in this process that will help it go smoother and ensure that you have hired the right one. It can be a difficult balance to find the right price and the right quality, one can be a sign of the other as well. However just because someone has a high price does not mean they have high quality products and service.

Lets start with the problems you dont want to have with your video

Shaky Video (Lack of Tripods, Stability Equipment)

Poor Audio Quality (Lack of Professional Audio gear and Wireless Mics)

Equipment Failures (leading to lack of footage, or audio due to not having a backup camera or mic)

There are a lot of risks with asking your Uncle or Friend who knows a lot about a video camera to do this, even if they are good at what they do. They don’t have the fast paced experience at weddings, and they may not have done events before that cant be redone. Most footage captured by family or friends ends up being less than professional quality. It is shaky, audio is poor, or they didn’t account for the amount of batteries or space they needed. There is a major difference between consumer cameras and Professional Cameras even though it may be HD.

Next lets talk about Budget.

If you are on a tight budget you will want to consider booking early with Videographers, some of them offer discounts for booking early in the season. You will want to book as soon as you are capable because the one you want might be booked on your wedding day.

A good event video capture can cost anywhere from $400 to $3000, Cinematic or Creative Films can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $10,000. I have done my research in the competitive market and I think that is a good representation of the ranges. My Definition of Event Video Capture is capturing video without creative shots, with quality cameras on stability gear, and audio capture through quality mics. This is usually a basic edit so you can watch what happened. A Cinematic or Creative Film involves many creative shots, where film makers get interesting angles, and perspectives. It takes a lot of footage to create these films because they are not in a linear fashion. These films are usually edited to have a unique story line where the film maker is telling a story with his talent.There are also many other styles of Wedding Films which include Documentary Style, Music Videos, Montages, Vintage, etc.

Next look at the service quality of the videographer

Does the videographer provide a contract which protects both you and him/her?

Does the videographer provide a delivery estimate or time in the contract?

Does him/her guarantee their work?

Do they communicate well?

Do they have reviews, references, and many samples of their work?

How long have they been in the business, how many weddings?

What is their background in Video, or Production?

Do they have a credible business registered with the state? Any complaints on BBB?


Let me say that since I have been in the business I know that a lot can go wrong with technology. I have seen backups of backups fail, and only a videographer that has been through all the mistakes and knows what they are doing to prevent them at your wedding should be hired to do the job. Make sure that they have multiple cameras, and the professional has a backup for every process of the important day. A good videographer can act quickly when something goes wrong to prevent a problem with your product, and backup all of your footage on multiple hard drives.